Got your back,buddy!

If you wake up in the middle of night I’ll be there beside, holding you tight Don’t you worry for I’m there with you Through your dark nights of the blue. Yes, this is my promise to you, my friend I’ll fight your demons as my own till the very end You ain’t need to […]

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The Homeless

I see them everyday. Day in and day out, they rarely escape my field of vision. Yet, I’m no better than the others who occupy that place in that frame of time. I do try to comfortably ignore their existence just like everyone else. However, I fail to acknowledge their presence in the eyes of […]

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In the end

Enveloped in the darkness we stood.Frozen in time but the clock ticked. I let you go. Will you? I blinked away my tears as I forlornly watched you take a step towards the light, yet away from me. You let me go. Should I ? I took a step away from you uncertainly but I […]

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I’m on the highest branch!

The air was thick with gloom. The impending doom was visible to all eyes except mine. The sky was dark, devoid of early morning vibrant colours usually painted across the canvass of sky. However, there was no trepidation on my part, I was calm and solemn unaffected by the sudden drop in temperature and not […]

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