Choice is yours

So here’s my first post, I’m simply excited and equally eager to make it right and perfect. After days of chewing up my brain, I’ve taken the first step towards the unknown with my fingers crossed. Those days of pondering on trivial things has not been a futile. Well, you might be wondering by now, what great thing am I going to write about. The answer is plain and simple – something about this world and the life we lead.

Human beings are the most marvelous making of the creator. We are like tiny little minions lost in the vast expanse of land and ocean. Have you ever noticed the sky? The shades it’s painted with are utterly amazing and the night sky sprinkled with stars are at times quite scary, at least for me. I don’t usually get to gaze at stars in the place where I reside. Not that I blind myself to one of natures magic, but woefully I’m bestowed with a starless night sky. Hence, when I find the sky dotted with these zillion little diamonds, its fairly threatening. I do get over my initial discomfort and many a times I have felt like being hypnotized by its beauty. It’s funny how the nature can be both beautiful and chilling at the same time.

I guess I drifted a bit. Let’s get back on track.

The sky puts on a show every minute of the day for us to notice the magic it unleashes. But we take nature for granted and are indulged in our own materialistic world. It’s not just the sky we ignore but the little and big surprises that nature has stored for us with unconditional love.

Sadly, we have built barriers separating us from nature which ask us only our appreciation and is ready to give itself for our needs. As always ungrateful we exploit nature because our minds are brimming with greed. We frequently go on mission to conquer space, moon, other planets and abandoning the Earth we are blessed with.

Don’t you get it? We are ones the pushing the nature to a level where it has no choice but to show its wrath on us in terrible ways. You know what happens, the crazy storms, water devouring on human occupied lands, then land opening its wide mouth and swallowing everything possible etc. Sounds frightening, isn’t it ? Maybe you haven’t yet found yourself in such horrific situations but your actions won’t be tolerated for longer. Nature has its own way of warning us. Pay attention and make the best use of time left to bridge the gap.

I urge you to open your eyes and embrace your true self. I know the present materialistic system we live by have been strengthened over generations, giving us false hope and happiness. I’m sure your inner self knows better, whether to be enslaved by the technology and materialistic greed or to befriend nature which is our sole key to truth and freedom.

The choice is yours.

~ Arcane Owl

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17 thoughts on “Choice is yours

  1. My dear owl,

    I’ve been postponing going through your blog for no reason though link was made available next day to your post. But today I finally did it.

    First I congratulate you for first blog. You’ve nice command of the language but more importantly chosen aptly to gently chide current gen on its ambivalence to nature. Good keep it up.

    My blessings to you.

    Liked by 3 people

  2. Wow, you have composed your message so beautifully, dear owl! I loved this post. thank you leading me here, I had missed it.
    You are so right to say that the choice is ours! It is indeed our choice of how we want to treat nature….either to enjoy the beauty and what it gives us or to abuse and molest it until we have to bear the bruunt of its wrath!
    This is a brilliant post, looking forward to reading more such posts from you!
    Xoxo, Rashmi

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