Seize it before it flies

Well, it is time for the next post.  You know what I just realized that writing/ maintaining a blog is more like an uphill climb – being regular, constructive thinking, writer’s block and what not. I might sound like I’ve written 47 posts and struggling to make it half century. It really feels like that though. Anyway this time the post is  going to be about something special and close to heart.

In our daily life we come across a lot of people. Whether we share pleasant or unpleasant, significant or insignificant moments with these people, it just matters for they shape and reshape our very existence. Some give us joy, others hope and some others can put us in grave danger, while some really test our patience and others can simply drain us and more. Everyone we stumble upon in this place called Earth has got some role to play in our life as we are to in theirs. It is utterly remarkable, the complex web of relationship we hold whether it is family, friends or professional and even our dear pets.

Now the special part is about that one person, need not necessarily be one for a life time but in a phase of life they were the magical one. Have you ever encountered such a person? I’m sure you would have.

Some people walk into your life, claim a special place in your heart and you cannot just deny. They completely turn your world around with their arrival. They bring your true self to light and accept you for who you are. You try running away from them for the reasons of your own but they always know how to reach you.  Because they are meant to love you, teach you, guide you, taunt you and hurt you as well. That’s the way it is.

Remember, the illusions your mind conjures up, frightening you out of your wits and pulling you deep down the hole when life decides to be unfair. And you find that one person who overpowers the negativity within you and tricks you out of your own delusions. It feels like they have a way with you. You may refuse to let them in and lock yourself in the depths but they always seem to have got the right key.

Gradually, you learn to give in to their love and feel secure under their wings. They teach you to appreciate and love yourself through their assiduous actions. For you, life being unfair no longer matters when they are by your side. Because you are convinced that they will be able to fix if anything goes wrong. When something good happens you can’t wait to let them know and during hard times you find solace under their wings. Day by day you grow more dependent on them and life plays its mischief once again. Then, it dawns on you that sometimes goodbyes are the only way but can be a temporary one too.

Whatever said and done,

“A mind that once was suspicious of people around has miraculously shifted its perception and has opened its heart to experience life which has made it vulnerable but equally empowered. “

This wouldn’t have happened if not for that one person.

There might have been words of gratitude never expressed. You might have been angered and hurt with their decision to leave you too soon on the journey or those words left unspoken. I’m sure while reading this post that one person would have crossed your mind. Now is the time, an other opportunity to let them know.

So catch it before it flies.

~Arcane Owl

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17 thoughts on “Seize it before it flies

  1. There it goes again! You’ve surprised me with another thoughtful post. Rightly said that all of us have some such special person. But more important is are we such for anyone. Isn’t it?

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  2. Very thought-provoking post. It really does happen that special people may come into our life but I believe it may be one or more depending on the impact they may have affected our heart/mind and sometimes I think we may wish we may have the same impact or effect to that someone special.

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  3. Okay first off… COOOOOOL blog I like it. You’re right there is that one person and I am dashing off to tell them lol. Looking forward to more posts. I would appreciate it if you visited my blog with criticisms and comments as well. Good day!

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