What’s between B and D?

I’m back to my Computer desk after a strong urge to take a break. I’ve been exploring various blogs for almost half my waking hours. Time to time was distracted by these virtual game worlds. They are actually amazing because they let you do a lot of things and be what you want to be, most importantly they let you spend lavishly (virtual coin/gems) , which is rarely possible in the real world.

Oh, what is real itself is one big question. Anyway by real world I meant the daily life where we are allowed to enjoy freedom within limits. So is the virtual world but they’ve got a different set of rules. Therefore, it is able to lure the bored mind and offer a momentary pleasure which can be quite addicting.

I recently came across a whatsapp message, it was about a group of friends who visited their university professor.  I’ve taken an excerpt from there :

What is life?

They say its from B to D (from Birthday to Death)

But what’s between B and D? 

Its’s a C (Choices)

Nice one, isn’t it?

J.K. Rowling has brilliantly quoted in Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets : “It is our choices, Harry, that show what we truly are, far more than our abilities.” It is of my favorite quotes on Choices. They truly define us, our ideas, opinions or the beliefs we hold because our choices are influenced by our ingrained qualities which makes us who we are.

Our choices matter, as we are social beings, we are linked. What I choose to do or say or be can have a significant impact on my fellow human being for good or bad. This has to be kept in mind while making a choice but at the same time we cannot predict its repercussions at all times.

We make choices every day, basically every second of our life and we pay for it , so are the ones touched by it. Our choices are as intricate as the stories of our life and the mysteries of our departure. To be more specific, our choices are the pages in between.Therefore, write it with care and thought as you hold the pen to your destiny. And in little ways your decisions can affect our present generation or the ones to come.

~Arcane Owl

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15 thoughts on “What’s between B and D?

    1. Thanks for your kind words. Free will has many dimension and over the years scholars has come up with many contradicting and interesting theories. I do believe in freedom/power to act/live/ take decision based on one’s own discretion.

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  1. I like that @ B to D and the in-between signifying choices. Choices have consequences, so it’s important to weigh what’s laid before us carefully. Wouldn’t you agree? I also believe that those choices will make a difference in the post-D.

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