Are you still there behind that Mask?

As someone once quoted, ” Face is the mirror of the soul”. Unfortunately, no longer it is because we all wear a mask. Today’s world is filled with manipulated things as well as manipulating people. We use the mask desperately to survive the doom we’ve brought upon the human race.

By the way, you know what a mask is?

Google says, “ it is a covering for all or part of the face, worn as a disguise, or to amuse or frighten others.” It is not just worn to amuse or frighten others but in the process to conceal our true self from others. Moreover, it also shields us from the reality of life. It is a disguise worn to fool others but over time it has got the potential to trick us as well.

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How long have you been wearing your mask?

I’m sure you wont be able to answer this. Because we use it unknowingly or in an intend to ward off the unsettling feelings that grows out of the need to keep up with system and its demands. It happens slowly and gradually and later, you are given no chance to doubt, as it sticks to your skin and claims to be your own. Shocking, isn’t it?

Some wear a mask of arrogance and others ignorance, at times happiness, maybe sadness and even anger, it just keeps changing with circumstances. Mask is of varied types, so is our real self. Then, what is the difference between both?

I believe, the difference being masked and not is, when masked your emotions and the way it is expressed are controlled by external demands, which makes it unnatural. Whereas without a mask your emotions are not guarded or suppressed and are exposed in its actual self. There will be no twist and turns.

But is it safe to walk around without a mask?

Not at all, as we know the truth always slaps us on the face.

Then, why do we want to suffer? That’s right, we want no pain. We want something to blind us of the reality – the uncomfortable truth.

Ultimately, we invented a mask. We live in a system based on inequalities. So the rich wears the mask of arrogance, the middle class wears ignorance and the poor cannot afford a mask. However, this is just an assumption and cannot be generalized.

Anyway I cannot ask you to abandon your mask and be vulnerable. At the moment, maybe the mask is doing a good job but however, there will come a time when we have to take it off but we won’t be able to without removing some of our own skin.

Hence, remember the longer you wear the more you lose and soon it equals to no gain at all. In the end, the meaning of our very existence or the purpose will become totally unreachable, if we continue to dismiss it and view the world through the distorted lens of the mask.

You can consider it as a task or a challenge or an ultimatum – Have you got the courage to live your remaining life unmasked with your true self exposed?

~Arcane Owl

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39 thoughts on “Are you still there behind that Mask?

  1. Agree. I feel it’s better to wear the mask. I wear the mask of happiness. I feel now the mask has emerged into my face 🙂 :p wearing a mask or not wearing a mask, I guess wearing a correct mask is always important.
    Nice blog 🙂 cheers

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      1. Yeah may be complicating when you see it from outside . . People only can see what we choose to show them so Once you are clear of what you want to show others.. picking up the correct mask is not a big deal.. I mean you can take it either way. Positive or negative 🙂 choice is yours.

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  2. A beautiful post. Love the header image.

    “How long have you been wearing your mask?”

    My masks started falling a long ago, in my teenage. Now no masks no more. I am vulnerable but I enjoy crying and I enjoy every moment of being myself, fully, completely in touch with nature, life force.

    Have a great Sunday,

    Anand 🙂

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    1. Thanks, Anand 🙂

      It’s truly inspiring to know someone unmasked – who has witnessed the real beauty. I’m still on the journey towards renouncing the mask, though. But I’m determined and shall one day soon.

      Have a good day!!

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  3. Great post. I think most of us are tired of having to wear a mask, but here’s what I feel- people are often not ready to see the real you. They would prefer a censored, edited, masked version. So in order to unmask you really need to stop caring about what others see and focus on what it feels inside. I unmasked myself long back- it has been liberating but lonely. I liked the part where you wrote, “There will come a time when we have to take it off but we won’t be able to without removing some of our own skin.” Couldn’t agree more..

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    1. Thanks for sharing your thoughts 🙂
      Glad to find one more person who had the courage to be their true self. I can understand, “its liberating but lonely” – as most us still are reluctant to acknowledge our actual self.

      Have a great day!

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  4. Its beautiful thought but I have a different perspective. We surely know we are under a mask but to know which mask remains a mystery. We have a body, a name, family, profession etc but “Who We Are” is the real question which remains unanswered. The moment we find answer to this, we will be able to identify the mask and shed that of. I would love to see a blog from you on this subject!

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    1. By the way you are doing a great job. I am not a frequent reader or a blogger but I would make sure to go through all your posts. There is always something new in it. Let me accept that I am learning a great deal from you. Keep it up.

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    2. I appreciate your suggestion. My next Sunday post is on the lines of existence. However, I don’t want to let the cat out of the bag too soon.

      Your words were truly uplifting and gave my heart a sense of elation.
      Thanks and have a nice day!


    1. Thanks Rashmi 🙂
      It was indeed a surprise. No words. This is my first blog award. Feel truly honoured to have recieved from an inspiring friend like you. Thanks a lot 🙂

      As I’m a little occupied with something at the moment. I shall surely get back to the formal acceptance of the award soon.

      Have a great day!!

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  5. Coming out from behind the mask takes great courage. A person needs a level of self confidence and self respect before any mask is removed. Few people feel this way about themselves today. We are more prone to tear people down than to build them up. They say “misery loves company.” We need more people to challenge this belief and rise above the pettiness to help create goodness for the world to enjoy.

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  6. Hello 🙂

    Like Ameena wrote, there is a liability in lying. You can wind up believing your own lies–masks included in ‘lies’. But I’m no longer afraid of things (like masks) piling up, for I made it to make them all vanish. You just need the right perspective, your own original one. The rest just disintegrate in view of Truth. It’s like cutting a curtain from the top.

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      1. Thank you too 🙂

        It was silly of me to use a technical term -Truth-. I didn’t really mean truth 😛 What I meant was the most basic (of) self. In other words, in awareness of what you basically are, the lies about yourself ‘go away’.

        You have a great day too (or night?)!


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  7. Yes i have the courage to live my remaining life unmasked with my true self exposed. I always like being myself. This is a really nice post you have got here ! The picture you have used also gels well with your post. 🙂

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  8. this is something very difficult to imagine, to live without a mask, aren’t we programmed to do this -to become a child in front of our parents, and a man in front of our friends..this is a very philosophical question -for some masks are us, but there are others, more artificial, plastic and deceiving -which you very beautifully dealt in this writing ..

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