Path from cocky ignorance to miserable uncertainty

In response to the Day 5 prompt of Writing 101 course. 


There were actually 5 prompts to choose from and this one grabbed my attention on the very first read. It lead to an unhindered flow of thoughts as education is one of my beloved daydreaming theme. The very first thought that came to my mind on reading the tweet was one of relief. As I was expecting it to say something like education empowers you or stressing on its importance and benefits or to the level proclaiming it to be an assert. I’m glad it didn’t.

What exactly is education?

A child is enrolled into a school at the age 4, some unlucky ones face it earlier and there are these fortunate once as well. However, once enrolled it is a seemingly endless journey of 14 years or so of schooling which is just the foundation. There are some who drop out. I’m not sure whether to appreciate their courageous decision or call it a foolish act. Maybe it depends on how well they flare in life later. Then, you have to get through Bachelors, Masters and what not, to gain expertise in your chosen field. The education alone will keep you occupied for almost 25 years or more if you choose to.

According to Plutarch, “The mind is not a vessel to be filled, but a fire to be kindled.” 

But through my experience, the present education system forcibly stores an excess deal of information into the brain as though our brains are as good as the computers. It is not just storing but we are also tested, so it is crucial that the information is retained and recollected within a given frame of time.

They say tests are there to make sure we learn and have got the prerequisite knowledge. But I would say, we are only tested on our capacity to reproduce the material in a predetermined form. There is rarely any freedom of thought.

I don’t object the fact that knowledge is necessary but education in the present form is a torment. A child who once was full of awe and wonder, with education loses the bliss of life. The child is put into a rat race and made to believe one’s worth or the knowledge, depends on the score one gets and it is this false belief most us have in common today.

Education should foster independent thinking, instead it demands a convergent style of thinking. As stated before, our scores on the tests depends on how well we have replicated the bookish information or teacher’s answer key. It has become indeed a burden, how much can our poor brains accumulate! Moreover, what is the need to by-heart stuffs when one can always look them up on the internet or from archaic books found in library.

If granted I might go on ranting about how futile the education system is till my last breath. However, would like to sum it up through the words of the greatest philosopher Plato :

“Do not train a child to learn by force or harshness; but direct them to it by what amuses their minds, so that you may be better able to discover with accuracy the peculiar bent of the genius of each.”

~ Arcane Owl

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18 thoughts on “Path from cocky ignorance to miserable uncertainty

  1. You are right. Today’s education system dumps a hell lot of information (rather junk data) into our mind and on top of that we have exams which tests our ability to mug up. Few days back I read the story of one of the youngest entrepreneurs of India who at the age of 17 is running 4 successful companies which deals in innovation and invention. He failed in class IX 2 times and then finally dropped out. As per him our education system trains us to think in a certain manner and is unable to foster innovation. For innovations you need a different perspective altogether.

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  2. As a homeschooling mom, I agree with your view on education (found myself chuckling at “There are some who drop out. I’m not sure whether to appreciate their courageous decision or call it a foolish act.”) Not only is the educational system cookie cutter, but its time restraints gives children only a certain amount of time to “learn” the material. For some, it’s not enough time and for others it’s too much time. Each child has individualized educational needs that simply are not being met.

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  3. I’m a nerd who studies and works hard and know how this system sucks too. It took me forever to reach the standards “barely basic” and get to “accelerated” or “above average.” In my special eduction system, we were taught but most students were actually trained to survive this school system. It’s harder than it seems though, because I still spend double the amount of time studying and work to gain the equivalent score of someone who does not study at all. Not all students learn the same or can be measure the same way. Our intelligence cannot be computed into a test score.

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