With Gratitude

First of all, I’m extremely sorry for the delay. I had a very hectic week. Without any further ado. Here it goes……

1. Encouraging Thunder Award

An Encouraging Thunder award – I was puzzled initially. Then, was astonished and my heart jumped with delight. It was my first blog award nomination. And most importantly, I’m truly honoured to have received it from an inspiring friend like Rashmi @ mindandlifematters. You should really go check her out. She has got such a lovely blog and her writings are just amazing 🙂 …… Read More

2. Premio Dardos Award

I was overwhelmed with joy – another one on the same day! I couldn’t just believe my eyes. So I’ve been nominated for the Premio Dardo award by another good friend of mine – Anand @ blabberwockying. This is an award given by bloggers to other bloggers in the spirit of friendship, creativity, community and originality. Premios dardos is Italian for Prize Darts. I am honored and humbled again .

Anand is a very optimistic person and his posts never fails to bring smile on my face. I suggest that you drop a visit to his wonderful blog which is full of beans and wise words……….Read More

3. The Infinity Dreams Award

Here is my third consecutive award from another fellow blogger and a friend Nerdhope 24 @ thenerdsdorksgeeks. A very thank you for nominating me for The Infinity Dreams Awards. And my dear readers, don’t forget to check out Nerdhope 24’s fascinating blog………Read More

With gratitude

~Arcane Owl


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