There are so many unanswered questions and there are a handful which are capable of putting one into existential crisis. We are at present living in the 21st century, according to man made system of time and numbers. Compared to our present advanced technology and science which entitles us to be so called “modern”, the early humans were considered primitive. But I wonder whether they were more closer to or rather had greater likelihood of unraveling the purpose of the very existence.

I very much appreciate and agree that technological advancement have made life much comfortable, indeed have made us more lazier. Our scientific inventions and discoveries, makes us believe that we’ve achieved a great deal of knowledge. True, we have ample of facts on bacteria, virus or any other micro organisms for that matter and we are still working on to understand better.Then, the chemicals and their properties, uses and what not. More than that the simple machines and laws governing it , from where we fabricated complex ones.

We do know that ” Necessity is the mother of all inventions”. However, what is the benefit of all this? It surely helps us to survive the system we’ve built to guide our lives. But aren’t we complicating things here?

We live in an environment completely surrounded by man made inventions, called a built environment which is intoxicating. Just look around –  the buildings, roads, cars and humans trudging through life unaware.

What are we here for?

We do know our time here is short, we are mortals but why?

Don’t get me wrong I’m not asking you to think of immortality but just the purpose of this short story.

Moreover, we are all conditioned by the system to live or behave or think in specific ways. We are put in a rat race, before even we realize it. Life as a whole seems like an illusion. It is human nature to carve for stability which resulted in the system’s existence. It is more like a defense mechanism – a game of hide and seek. However people rarely seek and are better at hiding though.

I’m not being cynical or pessimistic. Just trying to comprehend the intricacies of life. On a final note, I would say suit yourself. Let’s see how far you go with your materialistic ways.

~Arcane Owl

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15 thoughts on “Unresolved

  1. The human race has been in this rat race for centuries now. Even the primitive ones were always out to out do the other and conquer their territory. what the human race forgot to do in the process is to enjoy their life with what nature gave them in surplus! We ignored and misused it so much that now nature wants it all back!

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  2. I really like your thoughts about Human Inventions “It surely helps us to survive the system we’ve built to guide our lives”. We are so much perplexed in the system, our thoughts are clogged up and we are doing rounds in a loop.
    Thanks for sharing your thoughts.

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      1. Yes, we are in a rat race and most of us are unaware, just keep doing things as they have always done, a routine, but really, I believe there will be a time where we really question our existence and purpose as we go through time without really accomplishing anything, maybe we have everything we thought we need and want, but it is really just catching the wind. I hope all of us realize that kindness, giving, sharing, love and service if God and people are the very reason of our existence. 🙂

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  3. ” But I wonder whether they were more closer to or rather had greater likelihood of unraveling the purpose of the very existence.”

    This brought many things to my mind. First is, there is no certainty that this is the peak of scientific/technological advancement. As Hindu mythologies also note, I feel there have been many cycles of advancement followed by deluges and wars which destroyed almost all traces of life and humanity on earth.

    I am not suggesting that what I feel is true–I am saying that existence is a great mystery in wonder.

    Coming to your question of futility of material existence. I agree, and wisdom dawns only when we meet setbacks in form of personal or collective failures. They reinforce pondering.

    I feel we never stop to think through things when we are happy. More important than reflecting on the destiny of humanity might be to find out why I do what I do?

    The answer is–we need happiness, love and peace. Because that is our true nature. We are drawn to our roots.

    I wish you very best. Your posts are always thought provoking.

    Love and light ❤

    Anand 🙂

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  4. Yes, we are in a rat race but most of us are unaware. We are usually running around, trying to achieve something but we are just catching the wind. We thought material things will give what we need and want but is it really? I believe and hope that we realize that love, kindness, compassion, giving, service to God and fellow humans are the very reasons of our existence. 🙂

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