The morning sun splashing its vibrant shades on the canvas of blue sky, along with the cotton candies – a treat to one’s eyes. As the day goes by, the moon springs out of nowhere and the sun takes a nap below the horizon. The milky and light-toned moon against the darkened sky. And I’m lost in deep thought.

Is it the trick of my eyes? Today I see the moon with a yellowish tint to it and bigger than usual. Nature and its inconceivable magics! I’m blessed.

Picture Source : Google Images
Picture Source : Google Images

However, I’m here at the fork of this long drawn path with mixed feelings. My mind going through the wide range of possibilities. Yes, I’ve to make a choice. The lines from the poem “The Road Not Taken” by Robert Frost resonates through air, propelling to challenge myself, to face the unseen or the known devil.

Isn’t the known devil better than an unknown angel? I don’t know but I mostly go for the unknown or the unseen. You know, people say devil is more tempting, maybe that’s right. Actually, what people say doesn’t matter because there is always a discrepancy between what one values or believes and what society wants them to up hold.

Anyway, I have found some wise words to keep in mind. The 5 W’s of life, from time to time I have had my inner self drop these words of utmost knowledge into my distressed mind, but it goes unnoticed or have provoked complex thought, leading to further misery. However, I hope reading it with a pleasant and unquestioning mind can be illuminating.

Picture Source : Google Images
Picture Source : Google Images

~Arcane Owl

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19 thoughts on “Thoughts…..

  1. Lunar eclipse is in the making and Moon is indeed nearest to the earth in its orbit as I read on Johanna’s blog. I like reading this post, image and 5 W’s.

    Thanks a lot,

    Love and light ❤

    Anand 🙂

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