Favourite Friday : ” Wagging tailed companion “

Finally, I ‘m back with a “Favourite Friday” post. This post is exclusively on my dear, lovely, adorable, companions with wagging tail and inquisitive eyes – the dogs. I have a penchant for animals, especially dogs.

Dogs as many say are indeed ‘Man’s best Companion’ and it can’t be denied. The amount of love they shower their human companion with, their unabating support and their heightened sense of awareness are indeed a blessing.

When you have dog at home, whatever crap the world throws at you, you can be sure there is someone at home eagerly waiting for your return. How much ever pain you are in, dogs are blessed with the ability to light up your day. Even before you unlock the door, they will be waiting for you ready to throw their paws on you and lick you to the fullest. You can’t help, but smile and run your palms loving through the fur.

They live in the moment – here and now. They hold no grudges, anger, resentment or any other negative emotion. They have got exceptional interpersonal skills or human skills. They know how to reach you. When you are disheartened, for others it looks like their paws are reaching to make a physical touch. But in reality, it is more than that, they trying to reach your heart, to put the broken pieces together.

They make the most of every moment and time spent with then is truly well spent. When you are happy they seem to amplify your joy. They add on to the moment with their enduring cheerfulness. There is this special bond between you and your furry companion. And having a dog at your feet, truly makes your life worthwhile.

Happy Friday!

Arcane owl


42 thoughts on “Favourite Friday : ” Wagging tailed companion “

  1. Such a lovely post–it brought tears to my eyes. Anyone can learn a lesson on unconditional love from these lovely creatures!

    The pictures are so adorable–the one with the red heart is so cute! Thanks 🙂

    Have a lovely Friday and a great weekend 🙂

    Love and light ❤

    Anand 🙂

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  2. LOVE this! We both had our furry pals in mind today, although your post paints a far more flattering picture of dog ownership! I saw a quote that says “Whoever said that diamonds are a girl’s best friend, never owned a dog.” Happy Friday to you, too!

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  3. This is so cute! I love dogs…had a pet before, but she passed, since then I havent had the courage to get another because it hurts too much when they go! My son is now after me for a puppy….maybe I should give in! 🙂
    Happy Friday to you too!


    1. I’m sorry abt your pet. I too had a dog long long ago. Since we relocated, we had to give him away. You really should get one. And it is sad they lead a very short life but they do live it to the fullest. I can’t call it sad, maybe they are lucky to find some other better. We never know 😉

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  4. It’s interesting that pet ownership increased human life expectancy and reduces maladies such as high blood pressure. Animals can truly provide unconditional love. Your post kept a smile on my face throughout.

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    1. People who own dogs or any pet animal are one of the luckiest and happiest since being in company of animals has got therapeutic advantages. I too once had a dog and had to give up due to relocation. Thanks for taking time to share your thoughts.

      Have a great day!

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      1. It was long time back and I’ve kind of gotten over it. Waiting for the right opportunity to get one, sorry more than one to re experience the joys of life.

        Pleasure is mine and I’m glad to konw it lifted your spirits 😉

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