Writer’s Quote Wednesday – Chales de lint

This post is in response to the Writer’s Quote Wednesday hosted by Silver Threading.


Don’t we all agree with Chales de lint’s quote!

Everyone of us here are unique in our own ways. We perceive the world we live in and the life we lead in ways that are our own. We go through life’s torments and pleasures which are specially meant for us. Our unique and diverse experiences, moreover our feelings and thoughts towards anything we encounter is not invariably the same.

So are we not the only ones who can tell the stories that is buried deep within us, waiting to take the form of words. Yes, there is no right time, this is the moment. Pick up a pen and paper give your thoughts a chance to experience word-ly pleasures.

~ Arcane Owl

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38 thoughts on “Writer’s Quote Wednesday – Chales de lint

  1. Indeed my friend, a beautiful quote that resonates to the deep recesses of our mind where experience and thoughts unfolds that can only be talked either by way of speaking or especially by way of writing. Keep writing beautiful and thought-provoking posts. 🙂

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  2. Thank you. I will endeavour to follow your blog. We all indeed are individuals and mine is passionately Christian particularly in this 2015 world. Your blog is beautiful and expressive.

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  3. Passing inspiration on to fellow readers is contagious. It unleashes viral strains on kindness, openness, positivism, and the willingness to share ideas. This is the kind of disease worth catching. Well done! 🙂

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