Writer’s Quote Wednesday – Mark Twain

This post is in response to the Writer’s Quote Wednesday hosted by Silver Threading.

I enjoy reading Mark Twain’s quotes. And the quote,

“Whenever you find yourself on the side of the majority it is time to pause and reflect.”

-Mark Twain

is one my favourite quote of his which reinforces my personal belief that the majority is likely to be wrong. Hence, if I catch myself among the crowd. I know it’s time I need to rethink and use my own discretion to take my stance.

The problem with the majority is that there are some who unquestioning just follow the norm for the sake of it. There maybe a small group of influential people within the majority who have a clear vision whether right or wrong. Mostly, the rest get influenced and go with it obediently because they are least bothered or they fear being different or any other reason.

Besides, if the majority has come together for a good cause. Then, there is not point in resisting. On the other hand, when the majority jointly discriminates or exploits the minority or holds undesirable and unreasonable beliefs against a group, individual or anything. As Mark Twain has rightly said, ‘it is time for you to pause and reflect.’

On a lighter note, don’t you think it’s exciting to challenge the norms – to break rules once in a while? Why not stand up for what you feel to be right than to go with majority even when they are wrong?

Yes, individuality matters but at the same time it’s crucial to stand together if that’s going to bring peace and harmony to humankind.

~ Arcane Owl

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24 thoughts on “Writer’s Quote Wednesday – Mark Twain

  1. Great quote. Oh yes, the side of the majority. Funny thing, isn’t it. Just going with the crowd. I like how Mark Twain says ‘it’s time to pause and reflect.” So often people go with the majority just because that’s what everyone is doing, without actually thinking deeper about it.

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