Novice in the Land of Experts

Eyes were twinkling like million stars on the inky sky. With that a smile emerged, as a sun from the depths of the bottomless ocean igniting the azure sky. Those innocent faces were full of beams, unblemished by the harsh reality of life.  They were naïve, gullible and credulous, avidly waiting for their story to be written on their new found books.

Their minds were as pure and untainted as the truth itself. They see the unseen, believe in the unbelievable and are aware of the unaware. You see, they can spot rainbows not only after a heavy downpour but even when the sun is scorching over the barren lands.

Image Source : Google Images

The words that spill out of their mouth add beauty to the language. Of course, it is not safe in their mouths. They are not as well versed as you and me but the way they try to bring out the sounds makes it all the more worthwhile. They speak from the tip of their tongues, what comes to their mind at that very moment is certainly conveyed. Rarely anything is held back – their words as well as emotions, flows unhindered.

Image Source: Google Images

They are profusely generous in their expression of joy, wonder, awe, love and gratitude. It is not that negative ones never cross their minds, whereas it is not harboured in the shores of their benevolent hearts. Because life is what it was a moment ago and what it will be moments ahead.

Image Source: Google Images

After all, they are yet to be molded into the society’s desired form. They haven’t been tutored on selfish ways. They are still incognizant of the cliché – “Survival of the fittest”. It’s an interminable path, waiting for them to take their first step. Once the feet are planted, there is no turning back.

As it happens, it remained me of those once upon a time – irrevocable days. Indeed, I had once been that impressionable kid too!

~ Arcane Owl

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23 thoughts on “Novice in the Land of Experts

  1. Hi. It’s true. Me too try to recollect abt my olden days. In our life path God the almighty r a creator given every step a wonderful life with unanswered questions. Always old memories and childhood is wonderful as you said. Because its carrying some history with that….images r so nice….gr8

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