Through the Window

This post is in response to daily prompt : Window 

As every other morning, he woke up with an unwilling mind, annoyed look and half awaken eyes. He pulled the blinds of the curtain to let the beams of sun brighten his room if not his life. It was that moment he got a glimpse of her. It was her melodious voice he fell in love with. Before he could ask her name she flew away.

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Next morning, he woke up with a smile on his face and rushed to the window. He saw her flapping her wings, ready to take flight. He tried to call her but in vain. The following night, he lay on his bed tossing and turning evading the bliss of sleep. He was indeed, willing to give up his sleep to witness the unfolding of the miraculous moment.

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At the break of dawn, she found a place on the bough and began to sing. With a grin, he opened his window which brought in a gust of wind along with the lovely tunes. He took out his flute and introduced himself. In that moment, her eyes met his and he witnessed something beyond words.

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After an hour or so of exchanging tunes of love and hope, he waved her goodbye. Since then, he hasn’t met her ever again but feels more content, blessed and full of energy. The encounter with the birdie filled his heart with gratitude, love and hope. Then on, he wakes up each day with a wide smile and eagerness to conquer the day which was unseen before.

Have a great day!

Arcane Owl

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118 thoughts on “Through the Window

      1. It is blogging everyday (except Sundays) with theme/title starting with the letter of the Day.
        For example, in my own theme, for April 1: A I will write and Aubade.
        and then for April 2: B I will write a Bop. and so on… 26 days: 26 letters. 😀

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  1. Well, let me see if I got this one right. LOL! What a special little birdie to begin with! You are an owl, with a larger wing span…why would an owl let the little birdie go?

    This was a really cute post! You know I loved it! 😀

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    1. Wow, you got it right 😉 it wasn’t me know let the little birdie, it was the boy. Since he understood letting go is necessary to move on 😉 Thanks for reading and appreciating.

      Have a great day!

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  2. A lovely, sweet story. Who doesn’t love to hear birdsong, at any time of day? I love the way this little songbird changes the boy’s attitude to life. Now he wakes up with a smile and looks forward to every day. Nicely told. 🙂

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      1. I know. I really feel bad not able to post my assignments for I work from home and I seldom get to go out plus the cold weather. I’ll try to sort out some of my old pictures and just use that for my posts. Thanks for caring.

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      2. Don’t worry, you could catch up on it when time permits. You could do them at one go or use them as inspiration when your mind gets blank 🙂 Have a wonderful day!


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