Musings – 9

There’s a sudden urge to climb an unscaled mountain top and hear the winds vibrate back the echo of my voice which loudly whispers – Life is possible and miracles occur every second! A sense of euphoria seems to have clouded my thoughts but it doesn’t matter. At this moment, it feels like the stars […]

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All that glitters is not gold

I feel renewed with an ecstatic sense of rebirth. It feels like someone breathed new air into my lungs. Blood in my veins flow much more vigorously as my heart pumps blood with bountiful hope. At this moment, the air I breathe in feels more pleasurable and worthwhile. Everything around seems to shine bright akin […]

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Let your heart be your guide

Sometimes you just don’t know. Things happen for a reason and you don’t have to be told. You live with knowing nothing or you die knowing nothing. To accept and let go are the tricks to attain peace, not only with oneself but more with the cosmos that govern our life. Instead, you dare to […]

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