Let your heart be your guide

Sometimes you just don’t know. Things happen for a reason and you don’t have to be told. You live with knowing nothing or you die knowing nothing. To accept and let go are the tricks to attain peace, not only with oneself but more with the cosmos that govern our life. Instead, you dare to question or let those thoughts flow unhindered through your stream of consciousness. Then, better be ready to face the torment that’s likely to be unleashed.

Remember, you are held responsible. They are born from the chasm of your soul. Once you give in to their curiosity, there’s no turning back. They grow stronger as you age. Their thirst for truth is not easy to quench. It’s never been anything but excruciating pain to live each day under their shadow, aware of the futility of the path.

There is still hope-
You take your fragile palm and
Place it on your chest.

You feel it?
You’re very much alive
Those doubts within you, do exist.

Stop living in denial
The more you try to bury
It’s akin to digging your own grave.

It happened, you fell into the trap again and again. However, it’s up to you to venture a bold step onto this uncertain path or die with the certainity that you were a coward who chose to play it safe.

Arcane Owl

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38 thoughts on “Let your heart be your guide

  1. I wrote a post the other day about having played it safe my entire life. Taking “a bold step onto this uncertain path” is way overdue. Time for me to start living. Thank you for sharing your lovely poem.

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  2. I wish I could write poetry like you!

    Stop living in denial
    The more you try to bury
    It’s akin to digging your own grave.

    It’s verse like these that are emotionally complex. I read it, and I feel a myriad of emotions. Having read it twice already, it’s quite clear that there are many interpretations (beyond the obvious).

    I’m not much of a poet because of people like you, If I was anywhere near as talented I would want to write like this every day

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    1. Thank you so much! Your appreciating words made my heart leap out in joy! I’m feeling so good about that poem now. After having written I felt like it was not worthy of any special appreaciation. Thanks a lot again!

      Have a wonderful day!

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      1. You moat certainly did feel something otherwise you wouldn’t have posted it 🙂
        I think it’s the way you work your thoughts into the poem too. The discourse on the side makes your audience more attached.

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      2. That’s true. I guess I write better when I have strong opinions regarding a particular thing. I believe master pieces are born when you write from your heart and let it all flow through you onto the paper.

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