All that glitters is not gold

I feel renewed with an ecstatic sense of rebirth. It feels like someone breathed new air into my lungs. Blood in my veins flow much more vigorously as my heart pumps blood with bountiful hope. At this moment, the air I breathe in feels more pleasurable and worthwhile. Everything around seems to shine bright akin to the the sun that adorns the morning sky.

Hope is such a funny thing! If it visits you at the right time, you got nothing to lose. Just yesterday my heart felt like a barren field and without any warning it’s blessed with the first showers of monsoon. The scorching sun and the pale winter’s moon have generously relinquished their spotlight to their dearest clear azure sky. How long will it last, only time will tell!

However, I have got this unshakable faith that my visions of future are not just a possibility but sooner or later is going to be my momentous reality. Right now, this minute moving a mountain is more like drinking a cup of coffee. I’m absolutely enjoying these few rare but recently frequent pleasures induced by my miraculous mind.

The wounds are healed but the scar remains. I’m not bothered at the moment since I’ve decided to wear it on my sleeves as a badge of honour. This is the beginning within the beginning, more is yet to come as I sail through. The weather is unpredictable so is the mind, just row row row the boat till it meets its shore.

Arcane Owl

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23 thoughts on “All that glitters is not gold

  1. Known quote but the way it has presented…touch the heart and mind strongly….image and quote looks gr8. As usual, your pen moved in different way with so many nice words. Some of them….”Blood in my veins flow much more vigorously as my heart pumps blood with bountiful hope…badge of honour…….This is the beginning within the beginning…..” so nice….keep go in the same way with lots of your Wow feel reactions 🙂 😉

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