#1 From this Owl’s Vantage Point

“Before you complain about the taste of your food, think of someone who has nothing to eat.”

I do agree it is important to develop a sense of gratitude that is to be thankful for all your blessings and be content with what you have been offered. However, I genuinely don’t get it how it’s going to help you feel better to see someone suffer or how your sense of gratitude going to help the one in need. As a matter of fact, I’ve got on my plate something I don’t like and there’s someone out there sitting with an empty plate or rather can’t afford a plate even. This brings us to the point where both of us are very much unhappy.

Don’t you think, it would be better if I give what I don’t like or want to someone who has got nothing and is ready to appreciate what I take for granted. Is it not better to do something charitable which makes one’s heart dance in true joy instead of trying to finish of ones plate by reminding oneself of someone who has got nothing. I believe it’s outright selfish to bear with that tasteless food with a heart that only feels sorry for the other and deep down glad that one has not yet found oneself in such a situation.

I think it’s likely to bring joy and satisfaction to both – if only I who has got better things is ready to share with the one who’s denied or help make a difference in their life in my own little ways.


Instead the Owl says:

“Don’t just sit there and complain about the taste of your food. On a lighter note, as we all know misery loves company share it with someone who has nothing to eat.”

Arcane Owl

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33 thoughts on “#1 From this Owl’s Vantage Point

  1. I think that all aware people who have everything the need are wondering about this concept of sharing; how to go about it and the means stretch out, from giving small change to a food bank to packing up and going to help in those dangerous places where one can easily get killed (Ref: Kayla Mueller and Rachel Corrie as example) This is a conscience issue dealt with self empowerment and compassion… always compassion.

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    1. i disagree with your first line, as i dont thin ALL aware people are wondering as if they were, then the problem of world hunger would not exist. but in general i do understand what you are say and overall do agree

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  2. when i was but a puppy, my parents would say to me when i did not want to eat something… you need to finish/eat your food for there re starving children in china. in response, i would say, send this to them!
    great post

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  3. Hi, it’s good to read your posts again. This one reminds many of us of one of Oone of the first life lessons we are taught. The system is very unfair, but today we could put it right, and I’m glad to see some government moves towards a no food waste attitude. Best wishes.

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    1. Thanks for taking time to read and comment! True system is unfair but we cannot solely depend on the government to bring about a change. I believe as individuals we have to start making changes and reaching out in productive ways in our day to day life.

      Have a great day!

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