A chance is all I asked for

My feet took me to the place were we first met – our first and the last encounter. I sat on that wooden bench by the pond where I first called you from. I remember you were having one of your siesta under the shade of the trees. I tried to get your attention by making unrecognizable sounds as though that made any sense to you or me. You lazily lifted your chin and your eyes met mine. However, I didn’t interest you much. Guess you thought me to be one of those people who love pulling others out of sleep just to annoy them. Boy, you were wrong!

I didn’t give up. I was so determined, I kept making sounds to reach out to you. You saw me hold out a biscuit as a sign of friendship. Then, you reluctantly walked up to me, had one nice look at the biscuit and went back to sleep. I was puzzled by your action and was disappointed too.

Nevertheless, after a few minutes, I gave it another shot – hoping you would understand my intentions of making a lasting friendship. Whereas you didn’t even bother responding to my genuine efforts. Heartbroken I turned to face the pond and enjoy the solitude.

Surprisingly your fellow mate came forward and stood next to me. I half heartfedly offered him a biscuit and to my amazement he accepted my offer without any hesitation unlike you. I was content with myself and shared the rest of the biscuits with him.

Then, in no time I had you standing beside me and contemplating whether to get any closer. I was mad at you for the attitude you displayed a few minutes ago but I couldn’t help but offer you a biscuit. This time, you took it from my hand. I realised you are that slow to warm up type but you do come across as a difficult one. On the other hand, your fellow mate was rather naive and approachable.

Besides, you were a reflection of my deeper self. Your inhibition and the hesitation to interact drew me to you. A part of my self knew you’ve been through rough times since your demeanour says it all! You seem to distrust humans and not bothered about what they do. Soon, I ran out of biscuits and you both stood there staring at me for more. But when I sheepishly showed you the empty packet, you seemed to have understood. You both found a comfortable place under a tree and resumed your nap.

I was spellbound. You didn’t complain or follow me around. You just accepted it as a fact of life and moved on. Woefully I never had an opportunity to meet you again, our paths never crossed. However here I’m today after four seasons with biscuits in hand waiting for your arrival. Atleast this time, I want to make it last.


“I want to be your best human pal my four legged friend! Give me a chance….”

Arcane Owl

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20 thoughts on “A chance is all I asked for

  1. Wow, how sweet a story. I Love the Quotation. Its again from my “Hero – Einstein” and so damn True.
    I hate those people who stand watching bad things happen, they are worse than the ones doing the evil !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Hope you meet that Doggie again.
    I feed 2 stray dogs in my society every day almost. They too eat up, lap up, lick up and when the plate is empty, they just walk away, to have their naps !!!!!!

    Liked by 1 person

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