#2 From this Owl’s Vantage Point


Yes, I too love learning. I want to; explore and gain knowledge which stays with me till my last breath. I want to acquire knowledge that is retained and recollected with ease akin to a memorable moment. I’m sure we rarely forget or find it extremely difficult to recollect certain things that we treasure the most. I believe knowledge should be something similar to that.


I’m aversive to studying. I consider it to be a waste of time and energy. Studying is both physically and mentally tiresome. It’s unstimulating and fails to awaken the dormant cells of our miraculous brain. All it does is feed on our creativity, curiosity and what not, forcing us down the narrow lane.


Learning is more like a process (or journey) of acquiring new skills or knowledge which you’re passionate about. On the other hand, studying sounds more like a doomed end of a journey to me. It’s a tool which is more to do with achieving a goal within a time frame. For some reason, personally learning sounds more encouraging and exciting compared to studying which instead reminds me of exhaustion.


I find the education system of present day to be futile and traumatic to young minds. Be it school or college, the emphasis is not on gaining lasting knowledge but more on securing desirable marks. Knowledge and passion are no longer the keys considered to unlock the doors to new opportunities instead it’s your outstanding scholastic performance that gets you through the door and onto the red carpet.

On a final note, I thought it would be great to share a video I recently came across. The ideas expressed in this video had been brooding within me for ages. Moreover, I was glad to know that someone had voiced out my concerns more coherently.

Click here to watch the video

Alternative link with subtitles

Arcane Owl


15 thoughts on “#2 From this Owl’s Vantage Point

  1. This may have been, could have been, a great video but for two obvious problems. One: the background music almost obliterated the dialogue, a common idiocy of documentary makers to not realize that if the “watcher” wanted to listen to music, s/he wouldn’t be doing it through a documentary. Two: the problem might have been somewhat mitigated if the video had subtitles. So, halfway through, as the “music” got louder, I turned it off.

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