I’m on the highest branch!

The air was thick with gloom. The impending doom was visible to all eyes except mine. The sky was dark, devoid of early morning vibrant colours usually painted across the canvass of sky. However, there was no trepidation on my part, I was calm and solemn unaffected by the sudden drop in temperature and not so favourable weather. Unlike other days, I left my abode feeling too good for words, with a sense of carpe diem.

The sky wept and I rejoiced for the first time. Sudden heavy downpour and unrelenting drizzles filled my little heart with unforseen joy without any presence of concrete logical reason. As I walked the familiar path, carrying out my routine set of activities with calculated movements, the place turned into something otherworldly. The dampness, the mist, presence of trees, the greenery, – it’s inexplicable!

The weather brought out the kid in me. I laughed a litter longer, played a little wilder, spoke a little too much, thus felt alive after a long time! The puddles I jumped, the splash of muddy water onto the clean clothes, drenched myself and my friend as we struggled to keep ourselves from doubling over with silly laughter. Though the moment was transient, it felt eternal. I was frozen in time, lost in the depths of happiness as I spread my new grown wings and soared against the beating raindrops which felt like encouraging pats in no time!

You know what I’m on the highest branch!

Arcane Owl

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