The Homeless

I see them everyday. Day in and day out, they rarely escape my field of vision. Yet, I’m no better than the others who occupy that place in that frame of time. I do try to comfortably ignore their existence just like everyone else. However, I fail to acknowledge their presence in the eyes of society but in my heart the guilt remains.

Arcane Owl

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7 thoughts on “The Homeless

  1. My first trip alone to a major city was to Boston many years ago. At the end of the week I realized I’d reached the point of stepping over homeless people without giving it a thought. It made me deeply sad and I had to do some soul searching.

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    1. I totally get you. Wish everyone n Earth had a place to live with atleast basic necessities of life. Because everyone deserves it and they’re no less than you or me. Thanks for taking time to share your experience!

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